Green Structures NW

Green Structures NW is one of only a few certified LEEP AP's in the Willamette and Spokane Valleys.  We specialize in building residential and commercial structures to benefit our clients and the earth.  Building green can actually save time and money during the building process and provide savings long term for the owner.  Not only will a green building save money on utilities but also costs less to maintain over the years.

For the past 25 years we have built green buildings for our clients.  We began building log homes over 25 years ago.  Log Homes provide more efficient insulating factors (up to 46%) and use far less energy resources to construct.  A log wall for example uses only the full log.  Where as a stick framed home uses the same tree but adds the cost and use of cutting the log into lumber, drying the lumber, transporting the lumber, dry wall, insulation, sheeting, siding...imagine the fuel and energy used to make all those products vs. just a log.

SIP's are Structural Insulated Panels that provide up to 60% better insulating value, reduce construction waste by 70%, and shorten your framing time by 80%.  This is accomplished by wall and roof panels that are designed to replace the framing, insulation, and sheeting in a panel system.  We can set a roof on a typical home in 2 -3 days.  It would take about 3 - 4 weeks to get the home to the same point with traditional framing.  You do not pay for weeks of labor, pay for material that ends up in a scrap pile, and then pay to remove the waste.

We work with clients to achieve Energy Star and LEED compliance.  These programs are in place and are certified by independent agencies.

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