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Top 10 Reasons to Build Green
1. Improve your homes air quality by reducing airborne chemicals and gases from materials.
987 SF Green Built Home
2. Make your living space more comfortable through higher R-values and sealing.
3. Reduce your energy costs using Energy Star appliances, windows and efficient fixtures.
4. Protect water resources using 25% less water with earth friendly fixtures and reclamation.
5. Reduce time and costs related to maintenance with Green building materials that outlast conventional counterparts.
6. Reduce home construction waste by about two-thirds saving money and land fills.
7. Reduced dependency on fossil fuels and promote cleaner air is accomplished by using local materials.
8. Have a global impact. Energy Star homes eliminate 4,500 pounds of greenhouse gases each year.
9. Reduce landscaping costs and help clean the air by saving existing trees and using vegetation that thrive in your natural environment.
10. Qualify for an Energy Efficient Mortgage. These mortgages increase debt to income ratios allowing you to buy a more efficient home.