Green Structures NW

Green Structures NW offers our clients complete service for all types of construction.  We have a full service design service, provide fabrication, delivery to your site, and installation crew. 
SIP Homes and Buldings
Residential Homes
Timber Frame
Log Homes
As a LEED Accredited Professional firm, we are able to certify your building with the US Green Building Council as a contractor or consultant.
Whether you are custom building or have an existing plan, we have designers on staff to make sure the building meets all the guideline to be certified Green.  We will position the building to best fit your needs and take advantage of the natural resources available to the site. Then create a structure that will incorporate as many elements to increase the function of the building while keeping the form architecturally pleasing.  We will always make sure to include in the design those item which are important to your life style.

OSU Native American Center, Corvallis Oregon
Once the plans are completed and engineered, we will begin the fabrication process.  Whether you are building a log home, hybrid home, or SIP home, each aspect is created to exact specifications will be certified to ensure quality.

You should always make sure delivery is included with your product.  We will always include delivery in your price.  Some companies do not include delivery and force the home owner to find a trucking company and pay separate shipping.

Again, make sure this is included with your bids.  You do not want to pay a crew to learn how these specialty items are installed.  We have been installing Green structures for over 25 years.  We will install in about one-fifth the time of typical framing.