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As a LEED-NC AP, New Construction Accredited Professional firm, we are able to assist you with all aspects of your construction project.  The LEED-NC AP designation is the most comprehensive accreditation available and covers all aspects of the building process.  From Greenfields to rehabilitation, our experience will help make your project earth friendly and more cost efficient throughout its lifespan.

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Residential Homes

Sustainable design or building "green" is an opportunity not only to use our resources more efficiently while creating healthier commercial or industrial buildings, it also applies to residential construction and  renovation.  Residential green building practices include designing and constructing homes that use energy, water, and materials efficiently; have a reduced impact on their physical environment; and promote a healthy indoor environment for you, your family, or your customer.  By using an integrated design approach, the whole residential building can be designed and operated as a system.
SIP Systems
SIP’s building systems offer several advantages to traditional stick framed construction. Save time, less waste, and energy efficiency are just a few of the reasons to use SIP’s. All leading up to savings for you.

SIP roof and wall panels are complete units that are set into place in a few days. Traditional framing requires several weeks to accomplish the same task. Although the SIP material may seem to cost more in the beginning, you quickly save in labor costs as crews complete the outside structure in about 1/5th the time. Your structure will be framed, sheeted, and insulated all at once.
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SIP systems will also save you money with less waste. Since panels come pre-cut to size, you will not have a scrap pile, that you paid good money for, plus the added cost and impact on the environment to remove the waste. That helps both you and the environment. SIP structures also have significant energy saving properties. Typically, you will save up to 60% on your heating and cooling costs versus a traditionally built home. Sure that is great for the environment, but it is even better for your bank account.

Saving you money is the best advantage of using SIP’s in your next building project. Feel free to impress your friends and colleagues with how Green and Environmentally Conscious you are. Also enjoy all the time and money you saved during construction. Then, keep on enjoying the benefits each and every month.
Log Homes
Whether you are looking for a Custom Handcrafted Log Home or a Milled Log Home, your are making a bold choice. Not only in design, but for our Planet.

Log homes inherently have a higher insulating value, use less energy to build, and do not use a lot of man made petroleum based construction products. Good for you and our planet.

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Log homes use 10” to 14” average diameter logs. Compared to a 6” stud wall and fiberglass insulation, the log home will have a superior insulating value. This means less energy consumption to heat and cool your home. NIST tests showed Log Homes were up to 46% more energy efficient compared to typical stick framed homes. That is good for the environment and saves you money.
 Since a Log Home uses the whole log to build the walls, there was no energy used to create lumber, sheeting, drywall, insulation, or siding. Plus, the cost to construct a Log Home is often the same or less then traditional stick framed homes. Your Log Home makes a much lighter footprint on Mother Earth.

Log Homes do not use man made products in the course of construction. Man made products use far more petroleum, energy, and resources then a Log Home. Using raw materials, in their natural state, is the simplest way to conserve energy and eliminate harmful chemicals into the environment. Green Structures NW has over 25 years of Log Home building experience. We were Green before Green was cool.
Timber Frame and Post & Beam
Both Timber Frame and Post & Beam homes join traditional construction with accent features.

Using hybrid construction is an Earth friendly way to build your next home. Natural log or rough sawn wood is used to supply the large support posts and beams required in a building.

Using natural materials actually helps save the environment. Building codes require the structural posts and beams maintain certain thickness. Typically, these materials are made by gluing smaller materials together to make large structural members. This manufacturing process uses more energy, more chemicals, and produces more environmental waste than using natural materials.

You can give your home handcrafted, natural accents using full logs or rough cut beams while giving less waste to the Earth. Homes and commercial buildings can then use other environmentally friendly construction methods to complete the project. Combining SIP’s with a Hybrid home is the best way to build a Green home.