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 The following information will give you an overview of the process our clients experience when building a handcrafted log home.  Please read through the steps and feel free to contact us at any time.
Read all the information supplied. 
Create a list a list of questions.  Clip out and gather all pictures and floor plans that interest you.

Call us to set an appointment to discuss your questions.  An in-person appointment works best as you can show the style of homes you are interested in.  At this appointment, you will discuss your wants and needs in your future log home.

After your appointment, we will work up a preliminary footprint of your newly proposed log home.  Along with this, you will receive a firm cost quote.  If you are going to need financing on your project, please let us know as we have arranged for log home financing with all of the best log home banks at the best rates.
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At this point you will need to decide whether or not you want to proceed with your plans. Treehouse Log Homes requests a deposit that will be applied towards your log home package to complete your preliminary plans.  Please note that your plans will need to be complete in order for anyone to give you an accurate cost to build your home.  The reason for this is simple, each and every detail of your log home will need to be bid out by sub-contractors.  Whether you are using a contractor or building your own home, you will need a set of working blueprints in order to get accurate bids from all of the sub-contractors whom will be working on your project.  

An important note:  If you do not yet own the land you will be building on, we do not recommend you completing the plans until you have purchased the land.  Each and every lot will have specific foundation requirements and we include the engineering of your plans to your site specifically in your log package.  Please note that most banks require you to have a well/water hook-up in place before you can finance.  Having an acceptable source of water should be a considering factor when shopping for land.  Please let us know if you need us to refer you to a land Realtor.

Time to choose a contractor.  Treehouse Log Homes is happy to supply you will the names of contractors whom have built our log homes to provide you with bids on future projects.  Or you may choose to locate your own contractor or even act as your own general contractor.  Your Treehouse Log Homes Representative will be happy to help you obtain bids from various contractors and review them upon receipt.  You will need to allow 3-4 weeks for the contractors bids to come in.  Remember that when the sub-contractors are giving you a price, they are guaranteeing it, so they need time for accuracy.  Allow for this in your planning schedule.  Once the bids are received you will need to pick your contractor and plan out your building schedule.  When working with Treehouse Log Homes, we get involved in your project and will be happy to help you in the entire planning and financing process.

Ordering your log home.  At this point, your Treehouse Log Homes Representative will meet with you and your builder.  We will walk through the contract to ensure that the communication on the project is all the same.  We will then have you sign your log home contract, place your deposit and we will order your home.  Usually within 15 days we will give you and your contractor your confirmed log delivery date.  You or your contractor will be using this time to complete your site improvements, such as road/driveway; excavation; foundation and bringing it up through the sub-floor stage; installing the pump in your well; running the power to your building site; and making all needed improvements for the day your logs arrive.  Your Treehouse Log homes representative will check in on the progress of the project while we are waiting for your home making sure your project is staying on schedule.

 Log Delivery and Re-Erection.  What a site to behold.  Your logs arrive on a 40' flatbed semi-truck.  As will our crane and re-erection crews.  We will ask that your general contractor be on hand to be given the technical assistance and work with us during the re-erection of your home.  This process usually takes 2-3 days depending on the size of the log structure.

Dry-In Phase.  Now you or your contractor will take you through what we call the dry-in phase.  First will be the roof system, from the tongue and groove interior ceiling to the exterior roof; then the doors and windows.  This is the process that will make your log shell weather tight.

Interior Work. You or your contractor will then begin the inside phase.  All items such as your heating duct work and venting, plumbing, electrical, and interior framing will happen during this phase.  Each trade will work in their own particular order at this phase in the project.

Finish Work.  The interior finish work will come as you near the end of your project.  This is the installation of your cabinets and countertops, hanging interior doors and trim, the installation of your floor coverings, texturing sheetrock, and all the miscellaneous finishing touches.

Following Up.  Your Treehouse Log Homes Representative will be checking in with you and your contractor during your project and will be available for technical assistance to all the people involved in your project during the course of construction.  We will be stopping in periodically as well to monitor and visually inspect your project in progress.

Congratulations!  Your Log home should now be completed.  This entire course of construction process will have likely taken you 6-12 months depending upon the size and difficulty of your log home.  Please note that if we are creating a custom plan for you, the process of design usually takes an additional 1-3 months.  You can save time on this process by choosing to modify one of our existing plans.  We would like to request that at this time you contact your Treehouse Log Homes Representative for inspection as well as a photo shoot.  We will want to take a final tour of your home as we feature our clients and their homes in various log home magazines and in order to do this, we need many photos of your home in various phases.

If you have any questions about our custom log homes, please contact us.